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Using the IntelliSMS PHP SMS SDK you can send SMS messages from your PHP scripts. This PHP SMS Library is free to download, use and distribute.


SendMessage Sends a standard SMS text message.
SendWapPushMessage Sends a WAP PUSH message. WAP PUSH messages can be used to send multimedia content to mobile phones.
SendBinaryMessage Sends a Binary Message. Binary Messages can be used to send SmartMessages, such as Ringtones and Logos.
SendUnicodeMessage Sends a Unicode Message.
GetBalance Obtains the available credits on an account

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Username This is the username of your account
Password This is the password for your account
MaxConCatMsgs Maximum number of concatenated SMS messages that will be sent per recipient (Default is 1)

Secure SSL Connection (HTTPS):

To use a secure internet connection configure the gateway addresses as follows:

NOTE: To use https you will need the OpenSSL extension module


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