HTTP Interface

Subscription List Event

Our server can be configured to send notifications of changes to Subscription Lists. For more information about Subscription Lists please click here.

To configure Subscription Lists Event notifications, please login into your account and go to Preferences and then select the Forwarding tab.

POST Fields:

sublistname Subscription list name.
sublisttype Subscription List Type:
1 = Premium Rate Subscription List (ARB)
2 = User Subscription List (Setup in SMSWeb)
msisdn Mobile phone number that has been updated within the Subscription List
action Action that was performed:
1 = Subscribed phone number (Opt-in)
2 = Unsubscribed phone number (Opt-out)
3 = Deleted phone number from subscription list
source The source of the change:
1 = Inbound SMS Message (MO)
2 = Inbound MMS Message (MO)
3 = Outgoing SMS Message (MT)
4 = Outgoing MMS Message (MT)
5 = Web Portal (WebSMS)
6 = Change made by IntelliSoftware Support
7 = Change made via API
8 = Platform Level Event (e.g. STOP to 86688)
9 = Message Delivery Status Report
10 = IntelliSoftware Help Desk (via Phone Call)
11 = IntelliSoftware Help Desk (via Email)
12 = IntelliSoftware Help Desk (via Web Form)
timestamp Date and time change was made (in W3CDTF DateTime Format)
2010-02-03T13:50:05-00:00 = 3rd Feburary 2010 13:50:05 GMT
2010-06-10T14:45:12+01:00 = 10th June 2010 14:45:12 BST

HTTP Response:

Our server expects a HTTP 200 (OK) status. Any content returned by your server will be ignored.

If anything other than a status 200 is returned, then our server will consider this an error. On receipt of an error our server will retry to deliver the same message every 5 minutes until the error is resolved.

ASP Example:

SubscriptionListName = Request("sublistname")
PhoneNumber = Request("msisdn")
Action = Request("action")

-- Place code here to use SubscriptionListName, PhoneNumber
-- and Action values
-- e.g. store notification to a database

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