WhatsApp for Business

Engage with customers using the most popular messaging app with the WhatsApp Services from IntelliSoftware


Advantages of using WhatsApp for your communication:

WhatsApp Personallised Messaging

Personalized Messaging
Increase customer engagement, loyalty and conversions

WhatsApp Personallised Messaging

Reach Media content
Send and receive images, videos, documents, and more

WhatsApp Personallised Messaging

Wide Reach
WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users worldwide, making it a powerful platform to reach customers locally and globally

WhatsApp Personallised Messaging

High open rates:
Average open rate of 98%

WhatsApp Personallised Messaging

Reach iOS and Android handset
Reach any handset with has WhatsApp installed

Benefits of using WhatsApp for Business:

Use Cases for WhatsApp in your business:

WhatsApp OTP

One Time Password for Logins

WhatsApp Notifications

Send order updates and delivery information

WhatsApp Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback
Use WhatsApp to survey customers, collect feedback, and get insights into your target market

WhatsApp Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing
Use WhatsApp to promote products and services, generate leads and close sales

Getting Started

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