Mobile Messaging

Services for sending and receiving SMS text messages

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IntelliSoftware's mobile messaging service is a reliable, fast and cost effective. Our SMS text messaging service provides coverage to more than 160 countries worldwide.

We have a range of mobile message solutions to meet your requirements:

Web to SMS

2-way SMS text messaging in your Web Browser

Send and receive SMS messages in your internet web browser

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Email to SMS

SMS Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®

2-way SMS messaging in Microsoft® Outlook®

Outlook SMS Email to SMS

Receive SMS

Virtual SMS Numbers and Shortcode Keywords

Dedicated Virtual Long Numbers and Shortcode Keywords for receiving messages from mobiles phones.

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SMS Gateway API

SMS services for integration into your own systems

A range of Developer APIs to add 2-way SMS messaging to your on-premise and cloud-based systems.

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Web to SMS

Messaging Apps for your Mobile Phone

Access our messaging service via our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

iPhone/iPad App Android App

Voice SMS (Text-to-Voice)

Text-to-Voice Service

Send messages as voice calls to mobile phones and landlines

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Messaging service features:

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