I have seen a similar thread but the issue I am facing is that via Web access to my IntelliSoftware account I can click on Preferences, Options and select Userd Defined Sender's Id. If I type an arbitrary FromMe in the box and send from the Web interface that is the user/source name shown when I receive the SMS. Great, just what I was looking for.

However, if I do the same via MS Outlook, it still has the default senders number (one of 2 IntelliSoftware mobile numbers ending in either 195 or 197).

How can I set this to work via MS Outlook and for all future SMS'? Thx

The solution to this will epend on if you are usingout Outlook SMS Addin or Outlook Mobile Service (OMS).

The solution you are using can be identified as follows:

A) IntelliSoftware Outlook Addin - Access through a 'Send SMS' button (on the Add-in tab)
B) Outlook Mobile Service - Access via: New -> Text Message

If you are using the:

A) IntelliSoftware Outlook Addin
- Uncheck 'Allow Replies' or 'Replies to Mailbox' and enter the required sender's Id in the 'From' field.

B) Outlook Mobile Service
In outlook remove the 'Your Phone Number' settings as follows:
1) In Outlook 2007. go to Tools -> Account Settings
2) Select the 'E-mail' tab
3) Select 'IntelliSoftware Mobile Service' and click Change...
4) Click 'More Settings...'
5) Make sure that the 'Your Phone Number' field is blank
6) Click OK
7) Click OK
On the IntelliSoftware website configure as follows:
1) On our website ( login into your account
2) Go to 'Extras’ and select 'Change Settings' for Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)
3) Select 'Reply To Mobile’ and click 'Save Changes'
4) Go to 'Preference' and select 'User Defined Sender's Id'
5) Enter required sender's Id in the 'Default Sender's Id' field
6) Click 'Save Changes'

Thank you for the detail. I will get this tested and confirm.

What I am looking for (and it may be a functional change in the product?) is to send bi-directional SMS' which it does at the moment AND to have a default name of the recipient i.e. MySMS. I know I could ask all recipients to add a contact to their mobile phone address book of the 2 different SMS numbers that I see as sending the SMS. but that is not practical. Can this be achieved with configuration? Thanks.

Unfortunately this is not technically possible.

If you provide a name as the Sender's Id then it is not possible to reply.

This is a limitation of GSM SMS technology and not a limitation of our service.
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